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Hollywood Spectra

With the Lutronic Hollywood Spectra, get rid of unwanted skin pigmentation and stimulate collagen! The advanced ultra-short pulse laser can lighten and brighten skin, remove tattoos and more.

Hollywood Spectra
in Boca Raton, FL

Hollywood Spectra can treat a variety of issues with patients’ skin. From unwanted tattoos to lightening skin, treating acne, and eliminating dark spots. The Hollywood Peel helps to exfoliate the skin, reduce pigmentation and sun damage, soften skin tone, and stimulate collagen. 

Effective Laser

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Hollywood Spectra is an effective and gentle treatment when compared to other laser treatments. A very fine layer of skin is removed during treatment to promote healing and leave you with radiant and glowing skin!

Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment

Hollywood Spectra Services

Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel

Hollywood Laser Peel

Also known as a Spectra Peel or Laser Carbon Peel, the carbon used in this treatment helps exfoliate the skin, reduce pigmentation and sun damage, stimulate collagen, and soften skin tone and texture.

Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Remove all color tattoos safely and effectively with Hollywood Spectra! Tattoo removal with Hollywood Spectra can increase the speed of the overall removal, decreasing the number of treatments patients may need.

Hollywood Spectra Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Hollywood Spectra can target dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. This is done by breaking down the melanin in the skin, allowing your body to remove these spots on its own.

Hollywood Spectra Acne and Scars Treatment

Acne & Scars

Resurface your skin from acne and scars with Hollywood Spectra. The heat generated from the laser removes a top layer of skin where scars form. This creates smoother appearing skin.

Hollywood Spectra Melasma Treatment


Hollywood Spectra is shown to be an effective treatment for melasma caused by hormonal changes or extended sun exposure. This is done by breaking down the pigment in the skin, fighting against the brown or patches that appear.

Hollywood Spectra Sun Damage Treatment

Sun Damaged Skin

Unwanted spots on your skin can be the cause of extensive sun exposure. Hollywood Spectra can remove these spots, leaving your skin with a more even tone!

Hollywood Spectra FAQs

When compared to other advnaced lasers, Hollywood Spectra is safe and gentler for all skin types and colors.

When the laser is used on the skin, patients should feel no pain during treatment. Typically patients only feel a warmth or tingling sensation.

Hollywood Spectra works great on all skin types!

This can vary patient to patient depending on the size of the tattoo. When compared to traditional laser removal, patients are typically able to remove unwanted tattoos in fewer sessions.

There is no downtime with Hollywood Spectra! You may go on the rest of your day like normal!

If you have additional question please feel free to contact us!